About Me

I’m a literature teacher and writer living in Saigon, where I was born, though I left the city as a child. In these pages you’ll find reflections about the city and a few trips to nearby places, along with my memories of Vietnam from when I grew up here. Much has changed, as you can imagine.

My memoir, entitled Remembering Water, details my experiences of returning to Vietnam, the family members with whom I’ve reconnected, and the people I’ve met and conversed with on my return. It won the Hidden Panther Creek Award in nonfiction and will be published by Hidden River Arts Press. Be on the lookout for it sometime next year.

A section of a chapter from the memoir, entitled “From Saigon to Bataan to Ohio”, won the Talking Writing essay award for 2018.

Feel free to contact me (tab above) if you wish to be in touch. Happy reading!


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Hello Mr. Phan,
    Ed Henry here, Kia’s Dad.
    As discussed, http://www.saigonwritersclub.com is foubded by my American friend of 30 years_ Sam Korsmoe.
    Sam iis also a teacher of tge creative writing classes, amongst others.
    Mr. Phan, if you like, I can have Sam contact you directly- just let me know.


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