About me

I’m a literature teacher, writer, traveller, who is living and teaching in Saigon, where I was born, though I left it as a child. In these pages you’ll find reflections about the city or my few trips to nearby places, along with my memories of Vietnam when I grew up here. Much as changed, as you can imagine.

If you happen to be a literary agent or an editor at a publishing company, I have written a full length manuscript of a memoir that is looking for a good home. Please feel free to write me an email if you might be interested. It is rough titled: Remembering Water and it details my experiences of returning here, the family members with whom I’ve reconnected, and the locals I’ve met and conversed with. I consider the meaning of home, ruminate on what it means to be native to a place, or perpetually exiled from it. I’d like to think the memoir is more than a just readable, and has relevant ideas of the changing shape of a fascinating, changing city. 

Feel free to contact me (tab above) if you wish us to be in touch. Happy reading!


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