About me

I’m a literature teacher, writer, traveller, who is living and teaching in Saigon, where I was born, though I left it as a child. In these pages you’ll find reflections about the city or my few trips to nearby places, along with my memories of Vietnam when I grew up here. Much as changed, as you can imagine.

If you happen to be a literary agent or an editor at a publishing company, I have written a full length manuscript of a memoir that is looking for a good home. Please feel free to write me an email if you might be interested. It is titled, for the moment anyway,  Remembering Water, and it details my experiences of returning here, the family members with whom I’ve reconnected, and the Vietnamese people I’ve met and conversed with. In it are ruminations on how to be native to a place, having been exiled from it. I’d like to think the memoir is more than just a readable account of my thoughts, and I believe it contains relevant ideas on the changing shape of a fascinating, ever evolving city. 

Feel free to contact me (tab above) if you wish us to be in touch. Happy reading!


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